..time does fly by with age!!

It has just come to my attention that I have neglected to update my blog lately.  With life and the focus of creating new material I let the blog slip a bit. I'm truly sorry for that. 
I mentioned previously that I was expecting another grandchild. I was fortunate enough to be able to fly down for the birth of my newest granddaughter Ava. Mother and daughter are doing great. She is a delightful baby and I am blessed that she is in my life.

I've been really focused on writing the next book in The Tea Series, Dark Tea. Along with the next release in The Girls Series, On The Road (again).  While working on those I came up with something I believe to be really exciting for the whole issue about Bernie's trunk (okay, it was actually my son that thought of it, but it's a really good idea and I'm running with it).  People have been waiting to peek into that trunk for so long, the moment deserves something special.

I'd also like to announce a new project.  Not quite a series, more like a group of short novellas.  I'm calling them The Blends.  As you know, The Tea Series is a hybrid of both a novel and a serial.  The series is really one long story.  I love the approach.  Unfortunately, in order to move the series along, I can't always divert and tell the whole story of each important character.  For example, we now know that Teagan is engaged - but exactly what happened with that?  People want to know.  So, I've started writing about those important parts of the story that didn't quite fit in the series.  First up, Romantic Blend.  It is the story of Teagan and Jessie's engagement.  Each story will be a stand alone, but they will all be centered around characters that we have met and gotten to know in The Tea Series.


Just in time from Christmas, I'm excited to announce that I've pushed the publish button for Happy Tea, the 10th novel in The Tea Series.  It is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  It will become available through all other distribution channels shortly.  Grab a cup of tea, maybe something chocolate, and settle in.  

Happy Tea will be the last book I publish this year, however, with the new year will come more adventures in The Tea Series, The Girls Series, and a surprise or two.  I have something new brewing!! :-)

Thanks for your continued support.


Just wanted to let everyone know that Consequences (the first book in Lessons, The Series) is now in the process of being (re)published. 

Some of you may know, Consequences is the first book I wrote.  It is very different than either The Tea Series books or The Girls Series books.  While you will note some obvious commonalities - the main character being Irish, for one - Consequences is not the light hearted beach read that my other books are. 

If you're up for a bit of an emotional roller coaster and a book that is a little darker than my norm, I hope you will give it a try.  While Consequences is part of a of an overall series, it is a stand alone novel, not part of a serial/novel hybrid like my other books.

In Consequences you will meet Nora. She has spent her life taking care of emotionally challenged kids and a husband with no emotion at all.  I think one of my readers said it very well: 

 "This book is fantastic. It took me from laughing my ass off in the first four chapters to sobering in the fifth chapter to crying in the sixth chapter.  The sixth chapter was horrifying and so unutterably sad. It almost seemed like a different book, but still fit in with the rest of the book. Nora was very amusing even while in horrific circumstances."   ~ Deb

We have reached that time of the year when we reflect on what we are thankful for and what we have to look forward to next year. For me, it has been a great year.  I have a great deal to be thankful for, personally and professionally. Most importantly, I am expecting another grandchild the first week of December. There is no greater blessing.

On the professional side of life, my books continue to do well due mainly to the support and desire you all have for them. As you may be aware, Hawaii Can Wait is now available through all distribution channels.  There were some technical difficulties, but we have been able to get them straightened out and I’m very pleased with the response the book has received (although a few five star reviews would be a good thing).

I have been working hard to finish the year off strong with a couple more releases. The (re)publication of Consequences, one of my first books, will be available later this month. That will be followed by Happy Tea, the next book in The Tea Series, slated for release before Christmas.

I hope that you have a great holiday season and enjoy the time with your loved ones.  Please be well and be safe.  I appreciate the continued support.

Hawaii Can Wait, the second novella in The Girls Series is now available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I hope that it will be available through all other distribution channels soon (there are some technical issues that I have no control over but I am told they will be resolved by the end of the week).

I appreciate your continued support, would love to hear what you think. Please feel free to email me by using the email icon on the upper right of the page. I appreciate all feedback and respond to all emails personally.


With the upcoming release of Hawaii Can Wait, the second novella in the Girls Series, I decided to run a limited time special on Las Vegas, the first one in the series.  Las Vegas can be found for $2.99 on all the sites that carry my books.  

It's been a busy month for me. Between going to visit family and having family come visit me I have been able to put some words on paper.

Hawaii Can Wait (novella two of The Girls Series) is finished.  At least my part of it is. I’ve sent it off for the first part of the publishing process.  It has several more steps to go, but I am confident (prayerful) that I will hit the publish button by the end of October.

I am working on yet another new project.  Stay tuned.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  =)

I hope to publish every month until Christmas – so check in often.

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As some of you may be aware, I took Consequences - first book in the Lessons, The Series – off the market some time ago.   

I am a list person.  I’ve had it on my list to sit down and take a serious look at Consequences to determine what changes had to be made and then go about the re-write process.   Consequences is a very different book than those in either The Tea Series or The Girls Series.  It is also the first book I wrote.  Talking to other writers I’d become begrudgingly convinced that twelve books on, I should reassess my first writing.

In a moment of brilliance (some might think it looked more like desperation) I decided to ask my trusted beta readers  -Darlene and Deb - to take a look at the book and give me their honest opinion.  Bless them.  They agreed.

I’m excited to announce that the changes that need to be made are minimal and that Consequences will be re-published soon.

Just a very quick note.  I'm away from my computer right now - but just had to share the link for an  interview I did with   Jonathan at Noir Nation.

If you have a moment, please check it out.



It has been a busy summer.

I'm blessed to have another grandchild on the way (due in December).

I've spent time with family, my father, two beautiful grand-nieces and their mother, and my favorite sister.

I've gotten a bit of writing done.  Actually, quite a bit.

Happy Tea (the next book in The Tea Series) is almost finished.  Cara is fighting her way back to life before Barry.  Teagan is starting a new adventure of her own.  Their mom will be home soon.  That is a mixed blessing.  Brace yourself.

Hawaii Can Wait (the next novella in The Girls Series) is close behind.  Just when the girls were starting to have some fun, having already put their vacation aside to help a total stranger, they find problems closer to home.  Sometimes life experience trumps technology and youthful energy when you need to track down and neutralize a bad guy.

If you would like an email when the books become available, please use the email icon on the top right of the page to be added to the email list.  I will also make an announcement here as we get closer.

Thank you for your continued support.